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Online Check-in

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It’s that easy!

You can check in at any time on any device

It will only take you 5 minutes

It will shorten the waiting time when you arrive at the hotel

When you arrive, you just have to identify yourself

Now you can enjoy The Corner Hotel's online check-in service and simplify your arrival: all you have to do is identify yourself at reception and start enjoying your stay in Barcelona!

Here are the details of the whole process:


This process must be carried out by each person occupying the room, not just the reservation holder.

When you check-in, you will find a "share" link on the platform so that other guests can enter their details and complete the process.

When can I check in?

You can check-in up to 7 days before your arrival at the hotel.


The process is very, very simple:

First: To access the online check-in you only need to enter your reservation number and date of arrival at the hotel.

Second: Required information. You have the option to fill in the information manually, or to fill it in automatically by photographing both sides of your ID documents.

The country, type and number of the identification document.
  • First name and surname
  • Sex: male/female
  • Date of birth
  • Date of issue and expiry of the document
  • Address and postcode (with country and city of residence)
We will ask you for: E-mail

Third: To finish:

We will ask you to accept our privacy policy.
We will ask you if you would like to receive special offers from NN Hotels Barcelona Group.

Fourth: You can now sign the contract digitally, and the check-in is completed.

We will send you an email informing you that you have successfully completed the whole process, where we will also attach the accommodation contract and the registration card.

Once I arrive at the hotel after checking in online, what should I do?

On the day of your arrival, you must go to the hotel reception, indicating that you have checked in online; present the ID cards or passports of the guests; and present a credit card.

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!

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