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Committed to Sustainability

At The Corner Hotel, we aim to ensure the well-being of our guests and visitors, but also of our planet. Every day, we strive to contribute towards minimizing our ecological impact, promoting energy efficiency and offering services aligned with protecting the environment. Opened in 2016, the hotel is the result of a complete renovation, embracing the highest standards of sustainability, including the top-level A certification for energy efficiency, and the architectural restoration of the protected façade in Barcelona’s Eixample district.

We have received the Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle certification, which highlights our commitment to sustainability, awarded by Turisme de Barcelona, the Chamber of Commerce, and Barcelona City Council. We also form part of Barcelona+Sustainable, a network of over 1,000 organizations committed to environmental, social, and economic sustainability, working together to build a responsible city for its people and the environment. This commitment is aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the Paris Climate Accords through the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism +20.

The Corner Hotel also boasts the Safe Travel accreditation, the first global certification in health and safety for travel and tourism, awarded by the World Travel & Tourism Council, ensuring the maximum efficiency and protection of all our guests. We have also been awarded Ecostars Silver-3E*** accreditation, a specific certification for hotels that rates an establishment’s environmental impact per overnight stay, recognized by international organizations including the World Tourism Organization and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), as well as national institutions such as the Mesa de Turismo de España,

In all our day-to-day operations, we strive to raise our guests’ awareness of the responsible use of resources, primarily water and energy.

Our hotel is fitted with a heating and air conditioning system of maximum energy efficiency, controlled by BMS, a centralized system that controls all the hotel’s facilities and monitors all the parameters in terms of electricity consumption, temperature, and ventilation.

The rooms are equipped with an energy-recovery ventilation system, an innovative recovery system similar to free-cooling, which can keep rooms at a pleasant temperature without needing to turn on the air-conditioning if you choose not to. We also take advantage of the residual energy of the ventilation system, as well as air-source heat, to produce hot water.

The whole hotel is fitted with LED light fixtures that optimize the lighting and significantly reduce the consumption of electricity. Moreover, our lighting is controlled by a home automation system to optimize the levels in communal areas of the hotel depending on the time of the day.

We embrace a no-paper philosophy, informing our guests via the Smart TV in the rooms and implementing the digitization of the administrative processes in reception. We strive to raise our guests’ awareness of the responsible use of resources such as water by fitting faucet aerators, replacing single-use soaps for dispensers in the bathrooms, and implementing a voluntary system of changing towels. In the rooms, the lighting system is activated using magnetic cards to reduce energy consumption.

In our kitchen, we aim to minimize waste and correctly separate it to facilitate its effective recycling, reuse or disposal in collaboration with the authorized waste managers and the public administration services.

At our hotel, we are committed to taking the utmost care of our facilities and the safety of our guests and employees, with a team of in-house and external technicians and maintenance experts. We conduct checks, inspections, training and simulations on a regular basis.

We promote and embrace our commitment to equality and diversity of our team, a key factor in our quality of our hospitality and the best possible customer service. In 2023, we are launching monthly information campaigns to reinforce our teams’ motivation and awareness with respect to sustainability.

Our Corporate Sustainability Report 2022 incorporates the company’s 2030 SDGs and the reduction of our carbon footprint achieved throughout the whole hotel chain between 2019 and 2022.

We believe that every step towards sustainability counts. With this in mind, we encourage all the guests of The Corner Hotel to boost their awareness of the importance of their contribution towards protecting our environment, society and planet.

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